Monday, February 25, 2013

The Big City- George Grosz

The Big city by George Grosz was a painting created in 1916. It was an oil on canvas painting that depicted the life of many of the major cities throughout the world during the time period. I liked this painting because it had a slightly erie touch to it showing the city in more of a manner of madness and frenzy instead of the usual majesticism behind the paintings of citys that we usually see. I also really appreciated the detail that was put into creating this painting. If you take time to examine this painting closely you will see that each face is completely different than the other in some way, giving the true feeling of distinction from one person to the next. The final peice of this painting that truly brought me in was the motion. In this painting we see people in motion bustling throughout the city streets interacting with one another. I love the way the Grosz shows the movement of each person creating an almost translucent feeling for the viewers of this magnificent work of art.

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