Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Francis Bacon-Portrait of Pope Innocent X

This portait of Pope Innocent By Francis bacon interested me because it was like no other portrait I had seen before. The way it was painted by bacon interested me because it showed a varitety of techniques I had never seen used in portrait painting. Bacon's painting which happend to be and oil on canvas, used tools such as rags, large paintbrushes, and even his hands to create this painting and when viewing it, the tools used truly stand out after further analyzation. I also liked the portrait because of its historical significance. Pope innocent was one of the catholic churches most corrupt popes, committing many unjustices in and outisde of the church itself. I felt that bacons dismantled portrait shows these horrors in an surrealistic setting, which could possibly be percieved as something out of a nightmare, or even the underworld, as the pope screams sitting atop his throne, surrounded by darkness and despair. The contrast of Colors in this painting shows the darker side of the pope which I believe Bacon did an excellent job of conveying to his viewers.

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