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Saturday Afternoon

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A Productive Day in The Kitchen

A Kitchen Affair

The Pink Room

The Sunday Soup

Home in the Jungle

American Beauty

Monday, April 29, 2013

Wake Up Call

I especially liked this painting of Cezanne's because I was amazed with the way he reflected objects off the water.  As I look at this image, I feel as though I am transported to somewhere in the Mediterranean.  The use of yellows depicts light, which gives the painting an overall sense of serenity and hope. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blue Morning Glories

I chose Blue Morning Glories by Georgia O'Keeffe because I love how she used the purple and yellow colors to contrast each other. I also love the dimensions of the painting, how one of the flowers is in the background and the other is a close up. I also chose this painting because I really love all of the reflections and shadows.

Landscape with saint john on patmos- Nicholas Poussin

Nicholas Poussin
Landscape with saint john on Patmos
Oil on Canvas

I chose this painting for vairous reasons but mainly the landscape. I really like the way the cyprus trees were painted by pussin, along with the temples and rolling hills of what seems to be somwhere in the mediterrainian such as greece. I love the way the shadows reflect off the clouds as well. Saint john seems to be quite relaxed in this painting, giving the painting over all a very relaxed aura.

Tetris by : Alexey Pajitnov

Alexey Pajitnov. Tetris. 1984
I chose Tetris by Alexey Pajitnov because Tetris is one of my favorite games. Pajitnov is the creator of this game and it became one of the most famous, starting in Russia before making its way over to America. I found this piece of art on the MoMA website. If I had not found it on that website I would have probably not considered it to be art and I think that is why I find it so interesting. It was made in 1984. It is a video game software.

Gardanne by Cezanne

This is Gardanne by Cezanne painted in 1885 to 1886. There are three other paintings that Cezanne did of this same place, which I found to be interesting. The cream colors with the warm green and pale blue are very inviting. This picture is appealing to the eye. The structure are at all different levels and cluttered but it still looks nice. I also found it interesting that this was done mostly in the autumn because it looks lively as spring would. 

The False Mirror

The False Mirror was completed by Rene Magritte in 1928. It was done using oil on canvas. Magritte completed this piece in Paris, France. Rene Magritte is a surrealists painter, and like all surrealists, he considers his work to be the product of his unconscious mind. Sometimes called "magical realism," this piece invokes the characteristics of surrealism by relating unrelated objects. I liked this particular piece because it is a great representation of the old saying, "the eyes are the window to the soul."

The Music Lesson

 The Music Lesson painted by Henri Matisse. Oil on Canvas. I really enjoyed this painting because of the colors. They are so bright and vibrant. Also I liked the title of the painting as well, I like playing music. I know how to play piano. This painting reminds me of a movie scene. I just really enjoyed how Matisse came up with this idea.

Evil Dead 2

This is Evil Dead 2 by Fiona Rae Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 1998. I chose this one because it looks weird. Not sure if I like it or dislike it. It reminds me of dizziness. Looking at it for a long time makes my eyes hurt but also want to keep looking at the pretty colors.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The kiss by Gustav Klimt is an oil on canvas painting doing in 1907-1908. The painting is of a couple with their bodies intertwined wrapped in an elaborate robe. I really love the use of colors and texture in thus painting. I think its amazing how he uses so much yellow but breaks up each part of the painting with different patterns within the yellow. I think this is a very heart warming romantic picture and i really liked it for that reason as well as the colors and patterns.

ram's head white hollyhock and little hills, georgia o'keeffe

I really love this piece of art work by georgia o'keefe, called  "Ram's head white hollyhock and little hills".  Its absolutely beautiful.  Never would have i thought that i would say a skull is beautiful with just a little white and yellow flower added to it. It is a painting on oil and canvas in 1935.


This piece, The Burning Giraffe, is a 1937 piece by Salvador Dali. The eponymous giraffe, however, is in the background, far to the bottom left and far from the painting's main character. The surrealism is clear, and there are clear religious overtones. The figure is propped up, elegantly posed but clearly dependent. This is a particularly unique piece for its assumed lack of surrealism--compared to, say, The Persistance of Memory.


 I chose the artwork Composition by artist Hans Hofmann.  It was painted in 1942.  The medium is oil on board.  The size is 35 ½ by 41 ½ inches.  This piece is not kept in a museum, instead it is part of a private collection.  What attracted me to this piece is the fact that it is so colorful.  I really like the turquoise color in the painting and the way all of the colors work together.  I also like that this painting uses both straight and curved lines.

Salome and the Head of John the Baptist

This is Salome with the Head of John the Baptist done in 1893 by Aubrey Beardsley it is India and Watercolor.  I like the facial expressions on the characters in this piece you can see in Salome's face that she is supposed to be portrayed in a bad way, and you can really see the lack of life in the head of John the Baptist.  I also found it interesting when looking up this piece I found another of a similar name painted in a completely different way.

Arrangement According to the Laws of Chance by Jean Arp

This is Arrangement According to the Laws of Chance by Jean Arp. It is a collage consisting of torn pieces of paper pasted onto a larger piece of paper and is 19 1/8 x 13 5/8. I originally don't care for simple designs but, I do like this design. The arrangement of the smaller pieces of paper reminds me of cobble stones. It makes me miss home where there are a lot of cobble stone sidewalks. I also really like the name of this piece. I can see where it comes from. All of the smaller pieces of paper are similar but, slightly different. They are all the same general shape but, different sizes and color.This could represent gradual changes in a persons life whether they are physical or emotional.

Fort Peck Dam, Montana

Margaret Bourke-White. Fort Peck Dam, Montana, Cover of the first Life Magazine. 1936. This photograph by Margaret Bourke- White is a dramatic yet simple design. I like the photo because it is smile but it still say so much. It shows the power of modern technology and you can see how vast it is by the men at the bottom of the photo.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Living Still Life

Living Still Life is an oil on canvas painted by Salvidor Dali in 1956. I chose this piece because I found it interesting that while the picture can be termed a still life, DalĂ­ incorporates irony by making it evident that nothing in the image is actually still. Even the knife on the table, for example, although not seemingly moving at all is interpreted by the human brain to be in motion. The mind infers that no everyday object can simply hover in the air and that gravity must be pulling down on it; therefore, the knife must be in a falling motion.