Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"The Last Supper" by Marisol Escobar

“The last supper” is one of the most famous scenes ever to be depicted. This scene has been recreated by countless artists, many of them world renowned. This particular depiction of the last supper was created by an artist named Marisol Escobar, and was displayed at the modern museum of art in 2000. This interpretation of the supper is carved completely of plywood, and sits thirty feet in length.

I discovered this sculpture in my last art class, and found it very interesting and beautiful in its own way. This modern interpretation of the last supper invites its audience to view the supper up close and in person, while standing amongst its lifelike figures, with a modern artist’s interpretation to them. What I also found very interesting about this sculpture, was the fact that Escobar carved a statue of a viewer sitting off to the side of the scene. This sculpture was carved to symbolize the artist viewing and reflecting on the work of art that she created. Escobar also states that this figure symbolizes the importance of reflecting on artwork, and creating one’s own opinion regarding the piece in any way they choose to.

I chose to share this piece because of how different it was than any other work of art I had ever seen. Along with the carvings symbolic meaning, I found the detail and dimensions of the sculptures to be astonishing, and innovative, opening new doors to the world of art.

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